Royal Reveal and Weekend Tweetbag!


The Buffalo Sabres have tossed us all the calendar invite for Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. They’ll be unveiling their next set of home and away jerseys, with the better-late-than-never promised royal blue.

Err, excuse me, ROYAL BLUUUUUUE!

I’m optimistic about this era of Sabres hockey because, well, it’ll be better than the last, right?! The Sabres seem to have trouble doing just about anything right these days, so it comes as no surprise to see a little bit of snark out there that somehow they could screw this up too, right? Nah. They’ve got a week of stuff going down, and it’s not a slow reveal, it’s just a bunch of stuff.

New general manager, new jersey. Is it too much to ask for a new goal song while we’re at it? We are desperately overdue for that. I know, I know, they haven’t scored enough goals, but going forward, we cannot hear DJ Kool anymore. It was a funny idea. It was ok for about a year. Maybe six months. We’re at five years with it. FIVE YEARS. It’s next on the better-late-than-never list. It’s time.

Thanks. Ok, now on to the tweets!


Are you in favor of a Sabres alternate jersey that incorporates the red and black era? The logos, the colors, etc.

— Donald Parrish (@DonaldParrishGA) August 6, 2020

Absolutely. I’m in favor of the NHL figuring it out and loosening up the rules on jerseys. The Sabres have had a couple of duds, and occasionally throw around the term “jersey fatigue” as a way to explain the poor sales. Nah. The "Turdburger" was not good. The 50th anniversary jerseys were gorgeous and they couldn’t keep the shelves stocked. More jerseys. More concepts. Be Oregon. Be Maryland. Be the NBA with four jersey sets. Be the English Premier League and other European soccer leagues with a new third jersey every single year.


NHL mid-season tourney.... yay or nayIf yes, how would you do it?I'd be partial to world cup style then single elim

— YardsPerPass (@YardsPerPass) August 6, 2020

Most definitely. Perhaps this little NHL Return to Play qualifying round has shown the Board of Governors, or general managers, or fans that this league would do well to have a preseason tournament. In fact, why wouldn’t every league turn the preseason into a small tournament. I’m not sure what you have to have on the line, other than just winning. Even in the round robin games of this NHL format, you’re seeing teams work hard to win. Midseason, preseason, whatever. You actually can just invent some meaningful games. A league that is going to give the Penguins a chance at the lottery, can put a playoff spot on the line in February in a tournament.


Come around on trading eichel for a haul yet? Can only get better not worse.

— Mike Costanza (@mCoast9) August 6, 2020

They “got better” after trading Ryan O'Reilly too. Hopefully the new Sabres era involves keeping good players, and acquiring more of them.


Is there anyone or anything in the foreseeable future that will be or could be the Sabres savior?

— gfelstead (@TheRoughBuff) August 6, 2020

Dylan Cozens, and that’s about it. Honorable mention to Rasmus Dahlin becoming the force of nature he’s supposed to become.


Rank the remaining 15 potential "Team E" winners from least to most aggravating...

— SomethingCreative (@redacted_kevin) August 6, 2020

Least to Most aggravating:

  1. Winnipeg - Fine, make a trade with the Sabres, guys.
  2. Nashville - Fine.
  3. NY Rangers - Kinda actually fine.
  4. Florida - Might mean they trade someone good away, but he'd be in the division.
  5. Edmonton - McDavid is a sympathetic figure.
  6. Minnesota - He’d be going to a wasteland, and the league is on a run of lottery picks going to wastelands.
  7. Toronto - Obnoxious.
  8. Pittsburgh - Double obnoxious.


Would you rather not make the playoffs for 10 straight years and win a Cup in year 12 or make the playoffs every year, get to the finals 1 time but never win the Cup?

— Obi-Don #BLM (@Donmanski) August 6, 2020

These questions are always easy, but sometimes too slanted. In one scenario there’s a Stanley Cup. In the other, there isn’t. But the idea that you’d have to pick a decade-plus run knowing that you don’t win a Cup is tough. In every one of these scenarios you’d have to say that your memory would be wiped and you wouldn’t know what was going to happen, or that you chose. In that scenario, you should take the 13 years of fun with no Cup. You wouldn’t know you agreed to no Stanley Cup. You’d have years and years of fun, belief, hope, and the sports cycle. If the Sabres win the Cup in four years, that’ll be great, but the last eight years have done damage to their fans, their generations of fans, and all with it. Of course we all want a Cup, but the experience leading up to it is the real reason it’s even worth pursuing.


Would u rather:Ur favorite team wins a championship, but the season is erased from ur memoryOrGreat regular season but loses in the playoffs in heartbreaking fashion, forever burned in ur memory.

— Geoff Saxton (@saxton_beard) August 6, 2020

You have to take the one you remember. Otherwise I’d ask you this: are you sure your favorite team didn’t already win the title, but it was erased from your memory? What good is anything if it’s not remembered?


Would you like it if the NHL kept this play in format for the playoffs and just shortened the season?

— Joshua Keleher (@2Sabres1Keleher) August 6, 2020

No way. This format completely destroys the regular season. Montreal advancing is not *good* for the league, really. I know, I know, they’ll be a Cinderella story or whatever, but let’s imagine they win the Stanley Cup, ok? It will 100% diminish the accomplishment that comes with the Cup. The idea is you win it, because you’re the best. If the 24th best team in the standings can swoop in and take it because of randomness and parity, you have a problem. It would be bad for the league. You want greatness to be greatness. Randomness belongs in sport, but only to a point. The NHL walks the most random line of all the major sports, and it’s not always a good thing.


I know it’s early but who do you like to win the cup this year? And are you enjoying the sports bubbles? (NBA & NHL)

— Anthony Baginski (@abaginskijr) August 6, 2020

Give me Vegas.


Out of all the changes we've seen with the relaunch of sports leagues, which change or new twist do you love, hate, wish they keep, think they will keep?I love these hockey playoff games spread out over the entire day. Definitely quenching my March madness Thur/Fri thirst

— Glenn (@KonaDreamssssss) August 6, 2020

The runner on second in baseball is the best change in a sport in 10 years and I won’t be taking follow up questions or opinions.


How big will the asterisk be next to whichever team wins this year's Super Bowl - assuming there actually is one?

— Adam Bojak (@AdamBojak) August 6, 2020

There won’t be one. Well, not anymore than there is every year. Last year, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs that win, beating the San Francisco 49ers. I’m sure there are lots of 49ers fans that have something to throw next to an asterisk on the Chiefs win. The asterisk just notes that there is further explanation or context to be added. The New England Patriots beat the Atlanta Falcons after trailing 28-3*

* - New England won the coin toss in overtime and never had to defend

The New York Giants beat the Buffalo Bills 20-19 in Super Bowl XXV*

* - Many Bills fans feel the team partied too much the night before the game.

The Pandemic Super Bowl Champs will still be champs... if we get there.


What’s your favorite course in WNY?

— Joshua Weeks (@joshuaweeks8) August 6, 2020

I’ll answer just the public side because private courses, well, every once in a bit I get an invite and I want to be able to say, “Oh thanks so much for the invite, this is my favorite track in the area” plausibly.

I like Hickory Stick, home to the WGR Golf tournament a few years in a row.


Who’s in your dream foursome. Anyone? Give me three names and a course too for a fun round with drinks afterwards.

— krc (@kevculm) August 7, 2020

I don’t. I’d probably just choose friends and family and play an iconic course like Pebble Beach. That’s something I do have planned later this year, pandemic-permitting.


Are u in  for another 100 holes next year?

— RJR130 (@RJR_130) August 7, 2020

100%. Gotta finish the 100, and now I’ve got a score to beat in fundraising too.


Thoughts on smoking meat?

— Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV (@murphyslaw317) August 6, 2020

I have graduated to “Always has some ribs on hand just in case a smoking day presents itself” and that day is today. So finishing up the final hour of a baby back smoke right now. Last time out I did two racks and things ended up a smidge tough, so this time I jacked my temps a little bit and they look tremendous. I’m using the 3-2-1 method, and don’t think I”ll need the full 1 to finish out. Just kinda firing up a little heat to get a glaze on there for a finishing touch. So still learning and doing alright, I suppose. It is a whole ‘nother world.

Just waiting for that next reason to do a shoulder, and staring into the abyss of commitment there.


I know it’s early but who do you like to win the cup this year? And are you enjoying the sports bubbles? (NBA & NHL)

— Anthony Baginski (@abaginskijr) August 6, 2020

Slim. Odds he does it because it’s likely their best option = better.


Seasonal beer creep seems to keep getting worse. How do we get brewees/consumers to hold out untill say, September?

— Pete Schaub (@SilentOne_77) August 6, 2020

I say let the people have their Pumking.


Pick a flight choosing only 4 styles of beer: Lager, Pilsner, stout, porter, IPA, New England IPA, red/amber ale, wheat ale/Hefeweizen.

— Gage Azeez (@gageazeez84) August 6, 2020

Three IPAs and maybe a thick bourbon stout of some sort.


How's Beau enjoying returning from the PUP list.

— x - Vandelay Salesmen (@jlkelly9) August 6, 2020

He’s hanging in there. It’s not all good news on Beau. They didn’t get all that they needed to get out of there, so we don’t know how long we have. But the time we have right now, is good. It’s very good.


I flew through American Kingpin when you recommended that. Has to be one of my top three Non-fiction books. Any suggestions or recommendations for books?

— Josh Miller (@16Jdmiller) August 6, 2020

I need your recommendations, folks. My latest would be “Human Errors” which is a fascinating book about the human body and all of the imperfections we have. Extra parts, inefficient design, etc... it was very cool. But for something like American Kingpin, I’m constantly chasing the book that’s on that level. It’s tough to find. If you’ve got one? Help me out.



Stay safe…