'Twas the Night Before Buffalo Sports Christmas - 2019

By WGR 550 SportsRadio
’Twas the night before Christmas during a good Buffalo sports seasonShowing up at the airport, fans keep finding a reason.
When the season started the Bills didn’t have many believers around.But they just kept winning, and are now suddenly playoff bound
In the off-season Brandon Beane had plenty of money to spend.He made sure to help Josh Allen, who no matter what he does, his critics will never end.
Over the summer, the rocket armed Allen worked hard on his floater.Then Beane got rid of Shady, and drafted a kid they call Motor.
They drafted Dawson Knox, signed Kroft, Beasley, and Brown.But Allen and company just couldn’t connect on those deep shots downtown.
The kid had his ups and downs, but in the fourth quarter he would shine.Thanks to all those new weapons and a revamped offensive line.
While Allen and the offense still have some things to fix.On defense, Tre White’s having an All-Pro season, he leads the league in picks.
Thanksgiving day came and the Bills were finally on national TV.Yes, Dallas went down, Gary. Over 32 million viewers would see.
The bright lights aren’t too big for this team, now that much is clear.I’m betting they get a couple primetime games put on the schedule next year.
Now to hockey where the Sabres started out on fire.They’re now fighting for a playoff spot, it looks like Krueger was the right hire.
In the offseason Jason Botterill loaded up on the blue line.As fans say, “trade someone!” he’s saying, “everything’s fine.”
Dahlin’s had his struggles, some call it a sophomore slump.But he’s gonna be just fine, probably nothing more than a speed bump.
This rookie Olofsson went on a power-play explosion.Now we have to hear “trade me” coming from Bogosian?
Eichel had a 17 game point streak and Perreault’s record almost fellBut it ended when he didn’t even play, just another reason to say, “screw you NHL!”
Skinner got paid and his scoring’s taken a bit of a dip.When you watch him skate, you wonder, “how does this man not slip?”
The 50th anniversary jersey is a pretty cool sight.And WOW! Key Bank Center looked amazing all decked out on Aud Night!
The UB football team started slow, then came the drama.They won five of their last six, then a bowl win in Bahama.
In hoops the Bulls took us on another fantastic journey.Winning the MAC again, and going back to the NCAA tourney.
In round one they played Arizona State and got way up on them early.Then finished off the Sun Devils. How’d that feel, Bobby Hurley?
We all knew keeping Nate Oats would be tough after another season like that.And sure enough, he bolted for ‘Bama.  They made his wallet pretty fat.
So, I can’t believe another year’s gone by in the City of Good Neighbors.But I’m excited for 2020, it’s looking up for the Bills and the Sabres.
So relax, enjoy it, and have as much fun as your body will allow.Because as Marv would always say, where else would you rather be, than right here, right now?!


Merry Christmas, everyone!

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