WGR 'I Hate Your Stupid Face' Draft

Daniel Alfredsson and Bryan Smolinski
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By WGR 550 SportsRadio

Sometimes in sports, there are just those people or figures that you dislike so much, you may just want to punch them in the face. Whether it'd be because they beat your favorite team or player all the time, they just play on your most hated team, or you don't like the way they play, their very existence in your sporting life drives you absolutely crazy.

Who are some of those players, coaches, owners, and even fictional characters that leave you saying, "I hate your stupid face!"? 

The afternoon crew of WGR Sports Radio 550 decided to give some of their best picks in the WGR "I Hate Your Stupid Face" Draft on Friday!

This draft featured both Mike Schopp and "Sneaky Joe" DiBiase from the Dunn Tire Studios in Amherst, while Chris "Bulldog" Parker was broadcasting from his attic studios at home. In addition, the guys welcomed back former WGR afternoon producer, and comic book enthusiast Thom Cich!

The rules are simple: pick the sports figures that drive you that crazy and fill up the board.

Follow along with the festivities by using the hashtag #IHateYourStupidFaceDraft on Twitter, or you can track all of the picks made below:


Round 1:
1.) Bulldog (@Bulldogwgr) - Derek Jeter
2.) Joe DiBiase (@SneakyJoeWGR) - Brad Marchand
3.) Mike Schopp (@Schopptalk) - Claude Lemieux
4.) Thom Cich (@ThomCich) - Tom Brady


Round 2:
5.) Cich - Sidney Crosby
6.) Schopp - Alex Rodriguez
7.) DiBiase - Gary Bettman
8.) Bulldog - Drew Rosenhaus


Round 3:
9.) Cich - Brett Hull
10.) Schopp - Dan Marino
11.) DiBiase - Troy Aikman
12.) Bulldog - Jerry Jones


Round 4:
13.) Bulldog - Jimmy Johnson
14.) DiBiase - Peter Laviolette
15.) Schopp - "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
Round 5:
17.) Cich - Bill Belichick
18.) Schopp - Bryan Smolinski
19.) DiBiase - Chris Neil
20.) Bulldog - Mike Milbury


Round 6:
21.) Bulldog - Michel Bergeon
22.) DiBiase - Rick Pitino
23.) Schopp - Johnny Lawrence (The Karate Kid)
24.) Cich - Nick Saban


Round 7:
25.) Cich - Milan Lucic
26.) Schopp - John Franco
27.) DiBiase - Matt Cooke
28.) Bulldog - Billy Smith


Round 8:
29.) Bulldog - Patrick Monahan and Train
30.) DiBiase - Floyd Mayweather
31.) Schopp - Bill Laimbeer
32.) Cich - Podracer Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace

So now it’s time to decide: Who won the #IHateYourStupidFaceDraft?#StayConnected

— WGR 550 (@WGR550) May 22, 2020