Bills looking to trademark 'Bills Mafia'

Del Reid says the team has reached out: "We're looking forward to working with them."

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - The Buffalo Bills are looking to trademark the term "Bills Mafia" in an effort to sell merchandise bearing its name.

Josh Gerben, Founder of Gerben Intellectual Property in Washington, D.C., first highlighted the application that was filed earlier this week.

"When you file a trademark application like this, that is basically a claim to ownership of the name," said Gerben.

"Bills Mafia" was first started several years ago by fans like Del Reid, the owner of 26 Shirts. Reid sells merchandise related to the team, but it is not specifically team-apparel. As the news broke Friday morning, it took a while for Reid to address the situation, which, of course, led to a swath of comments on social media, accusing the organization of "stealing" the moniker.

However, Reid put those fears to rest with a series of tweets Friday afternoon, noting that the Bills had indeed reached out to him and, it even appears a partnership may be in the works.

We have reached out to Reid for comment, but he has yet to respond at this time.