Rams vent over costly pass interference call that lifted Bills to victory

Darious Williams was flagged on the play after interfering with Bills wide receiver Gabriel Davis

Suddenly, the Los Angeles Rams find themselves on the other end of a controversial call.

The Rams came oh, so close to completing a remarkable comeback victory on the road over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, but a critical fourth down pass interference penalty helped Josh Allen complete an incredible performance of his own to secure a Bills victory.

However, the Rams were fuming that the officials blew the call and, thus, the game.

“It was the wrong call,” Rams safety John Johnson III said, per ESPN. “We can’t narrow it down to that one play, but I don’t think it was a PI.”

Allen targeted receiver Gabriel Davis on a fourth-and-8 from the Rams' 13-yard line with 25 seconds remaining in the game, but was unable to complete the pass as Rams corner Darious Williams was flagged on the play.

Wide receiver Robert Woods also voiced his displeasure with the call.

“No, obviously not,” he said when asked if it should have been a flag. “Being out there, he’s playing defensive back, he’s playing hands-on, he’s checking him, and as he gets into his route, the receiver initiates the contact and the quarterback is literally just throwing the ball in the area, and it wasn’t even a catchable ball. But, obviously, they made the call, it is what it is, you got to keep playing and finish the game.”

The Rams were the beneficiaries of a controversial call in Week 1 when Jalen Ramsey drew an offensive pass interference call on a late fourth quarter play from the Dallas Cowboys that would have put them in a position to win the game.

The play was called back and the Rams won the game.

The Rams also benefited from one of the most controversial calls of all time back in the 2019 NFC Championship Game when they got away with a defensive pass interference against the Saints, which led to overtime where the Rams won and advanced to the Super Bowl.

Head coach Sean McVay said he wish it just did not come down to that.

"I hate it for our guys that it ended up the way that it did and came down to some of the things that it came down to," he said. "But we're a tough group, we're a mentally tough group, we're going to use this as an opportunity to respond."

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