ESPN host comes to aid of injured falcon on city sidewalk


Tony Reali is proving yet again why he's one of ESPN's most-liked on-air talents.

The Worldwide Leader's Mr. Nice Guy came to the rescue of an injured peregrine falcon he apparently discovered in distress on a busy downtown New York City street, near one of the network's studios.

Reali, a longtime fixture of ESPN's afternoon programming as host of "Around The Horn," did his duty as a good samaritan on Wednesday when he posted a pic of the ailing bird and tagged the ASCPA and the city's Department of Parks.

"Looks like an injured peregrine falcon on West Broadway and Barclay anyone to help?" Reali asked.

The veteran broadcaster and other bystanders shooed away pigeons which they said were swarming the falcon, and eventually herded the bird into a box, where it was collected by the NYPD.

The NYPD's 1st Precinct posted a photo of Reali posing with the bird along with a responding officer.

The falcon's condition was serious after it had apparently suffered a head injury, according to the Wild Bird Fund, a rehabilitation center for wild birds in New York City. It likely struck a glass window pane on a building, they said.

The group said on social media it was caring for the bird after it was brought to them by police.

Amazingly, Reali says he's not even a huge animal person, owing to a traumatic incident as a kid when he was bit by a pet dog. However, the unusual site of a hobbled falcon in New York City was too much for him to ignore, he later told Defector.

"She must’ve been so confused with all those buildings and cars honking," he said. "I really, really hope she pulls through."