Patrick Mahomes Says That Eli Manning's Super Bowl XLVI Throw Was Better Than His


Patrick Mahomes' Super Bowl LIV throw was nothing special. All he did was drop back in a collapsing pocket, with the game on the line, with a lot of pressure -- both externally from defenders and internally from a less-than-stellar performance to that point -- and unleash a ridiculous heave to speedy top target Tyreek Hill.

But yeah... it was nothing too special.

At least, that's what NFL's $500 million man might tell you about it. He'll shrug it off and thank his offensive line for the time they provided him and thank Tyreek Hill for putting on the burners when he needed them most. And he'd also tell you that your throw was better, if you're Eli Manning.

In a special one-on-one interview on "The Peter King Podcast," King brought up the spectacular throw and Mahomes broke down the play but made sure to give Eli a shout out as well.

"I just was able to put it out there far enough," Mahomes said. "It wasn't as good as Eli's throw, Eli's throw was money on the sideline, man. But I got it down there enough that we were able to change the momentum of the game... and win the Super Bowl."

Well, let's see... which was better?

I know my pick. Even as an Eagles fan, I can realize that there's a big difference between a wide open Tyreek Hill -- even taking into account the ridiculous throw -- and a heavily covered, tightrope-walking Mario Manningham.

Advantage Eli.

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