JRSportBrief: Black Lives Matter a Whole Lot More Than Folks Dribbling


The shooting of Jacob Blake is the latest incident of police brutality against a Black man that has encapsulated the nation, and that includes professional athletes.

The Detroit Lions decided to boycott practice on Tuesday while the Milwaukee Bucks chose to boycott their Game 5 first-round matchup with the Orlando Magic on Wednesday. Other athletes have continued to speak out and other teams may follow the Bucks and Lions’ lead.

J.R. Jackson, the only solo, full-time Black sports host with a daily show aired nationally in America, gave his perspective on these decisions by athletes during JRSportBrief on CBS Sports Radio Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

“Racism hasn’t gone anywhere here in the United State of America. It’s like a weed. And the roots to it are deep seeded. A lot of people don’t want to acknowledge it,” J.R. said. “So, I’m fully in support of anything, of any athlete wants to do in support of the injustices here in the United State of America, because it’s not easy.

“We can look at someone like Roger Goodell who says ‘Oh, I regret not listening to Kaepernick.’ You can say that, but at the offset let’s be real. You didn’t care. It was more about the money. It was more about what the popular opinion is. So, kudos to these players who are speaking up. It’s unfortunate we had to have a pandemic take place. It’s unfortunate that everybody’s attention had to be laser-focused on an issue for people to wake up. And some people still haven’t.“

J.R. stressed this was not about politics, either, but rather humanity and that some things are just bigger than sports.

“As much as I love basketball, as much as I love football, if the Lions don’t want to practice more power to them,” he continued. “And thank you for standing up and utilizing your platform. If the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics don’t want to play basketball because they want to draw attention to this issue thank you very much. Because ultimately, there are a lot of things more important than sports. It’s not an easy stand to take, not an easy stand to make. Black Lives Matter a whole lot more than folks dribbling, throwing or shooting a basketball.”

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