Baltimore Ravens Call for the Arrests of Officers Responsible for Shooting Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake


Though several NFL players, coaches and executives have been vocal in their calls for social justice in recent months, we hadn't yet seen a team make a statement like the one the Ravens made on Thursday evening.

Following the police shooting of Jacob Blake and a subsequent unprecedented halt to the world of sports in a number of ways, the Ravens publicly stated their thoughts as an organization.

With yet another example of racial discrimination with the shooting of Jacob Blake, and the unlawful abuse of peaceful protesters, we MUST unify as a society. It is imperative that all people -- regardless of race, religion, creed or belief -- come together to say, 'Enough is enough!'

This is bigger than sports. Racism is embedded in the fabric of our nation's foundation and is a blemish on our country's history. If we are to change course and make our world a better place, we must face this problem head-on and act now to enact positive change.

It is time to accept accountability and acknowledge the ramifications of slavery and racial injustice.

The statement then goes on to list the ways in which we, as a nation, can help to right our past and change for the better, including a call for the arrests of the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor and shot Jacob Blake.

Read the full statement below:

Several Ravens players, as well as other figures around the NFL, were proud of the organization for the statement.

This statement comes two days after the Detroit Lions chose, in an independent team decision, to cancel practice and instead use the time to protest the way in which our world has oppressed those of color.

Hopefully, more teams follow suit and bring the nation's attention to something larger than football.

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