Daniel Jones on Joe Judge: 'We’re Embracing the Program'

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“This year has been different in that we’ve only had about a week and a half on the field now in pads…when you consider the offseason and now into camp, considering all the changes due to COVID-19, it’s been different. But all the teams in the league are dealing with it. I think we’ve done a good job as a team getting the most out of the time we’ve had.”

Those are the words of New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, who kicked off Giants Day on WFAN by joining the Boomer & Gio Show in the back half of the 6 a.m. hour.

It’s been a year of big transition for Jones, who, in addition to all the COVID-related NFL issues, has had to learn a new system under a new head coach and offensive coordinator, and done it without now-retired mentor Eli Manning.

Not a problem so far, says the second-year signal caller.

“There are certainly some differences, but I think across the league, a lot of teams run a lot of the same concepts, so you see a lot of the same things, only the verbiage is different. I think the benefit of having learned one system, and having a year to play and learn has helped me learn this system,” Jones said. “I’ve seen (offensive coordinator Jason Garrett) have a lot of success in the league as a coordinator and head coach, and I’ve enjoyed working with him. He’s extremely detailed in the way he installs plays and coaches us up. We’ve learned a lot as we’ve moved forward as an offense.”

Of course, without a preseason to work out the kinks, Week 1 around the league this year might look a lot different – perhaps a lot sloppier – than usual, but to their QB, the Giants are in good shape.

“All the teams are dealing with the same situation. What we’ve been trying to do is make sure our practices are as game-like as possible – where you’re getting the same reps you would in a game,” Jones said. “We’ve done a good job of that so far, and I think we’ll be ready Week 1.”

The biggest issue Jones has had to work on is fumbling, but that’s something Garrett has hammered home early and often.

“I think it’s the classic quarterback fundamental of having two hands on the ball, and the only time I’m taking my left hand off is to throw the ball,” Jones said, “And, making sure when I tuck the ball to run, I’m using good ball security, and being conscious of it at all times.”

Of course, there are bound to be mistakes, and we all know what that means: running laps. Jones has been there a few times already, but to him, it’s all in a day’s work.

“I’ve had to run a few laps, I think we all have!” the QB laughed. “But we’re embracing the program. What coach does, and his way of running practice, he has a purpose behind it. I think guys understand that and are embracing it. I didn’t know anything about him before he came here, but I learned pretty quickly, and got to know him a little bit before the shutdown. I’ve really enjoyed working with him so far, and I know the guys are enjoying the camp we’ve had.”

You can listen to Jones’ entire interview below, and as always, check out more on-demand audio from WFAN's morning show!

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