Michael Vick sticks up for Carson Wentz: 'He's dealing with a lot'


A former Eagles quarterback is defending one of his successors.

Carson Wentz is more than holding his own under difficult circumstances this season, according to NFL legend turned Fox NFL analyst Michael Vick.

Vick, discussing the Eagles and other NFL storylines on the "Out of Office" podcast with host Rich Kleiman, said he watched Sunday's Ravens-Eagles contest -- and came away impressed with Wentz's toughness.

"I thought it was a good game," said Vick, who has also mentored Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson.

"I want to say first and foremost, Carson Wentz, he battled. He battled. It wasn't easy for him. He was dealing with a lot of issues, across the board, from not having star players out there, to having players hurt. And he's giving it 100% effort."

While Wentz has come under criticism for a slow start along with the rest of his team, Vick thinks the organization has the right guy.

"I'll tell you this, he's earning the $100M that he's making."

But the intense scrutiny of the spotlight in Philadelphia helps keep the players honest, Vick said.

"It's brutal. But this is the one thing the media does for you in Philly -- they make you enhance your game. Either you're going to bring it, or you're going to get booed. And it's kind of cool because it demands a lot out of the player. You've got to give it 110%. You've got to find a way to get the victory. If not, the city -- the whole town's going to let you know."

Wentz, now 27 and in his fifth year as a professional, will come to be appreciated, Vick said, even if some don't consider him a "real" member of the team that won Super Bowl LII, as Kleiman put it.

"That's like a weird feeling -- a weird position to be in, if you think about it," Vick said. "But, what I think people have got to realize -- and even I have to -- is that Carson Wentz was a big reason the team even had a chance to go to the playoffs. I think they were what -- 9-1? -- when he went down.

"So I think as he gets older, he'll appreciate that ring more than we'll ever know, because he knows the part he took in making that happen, and the sacrifices he made. And the team was in a good position when left."

Despite Wentz's rough start in 2020 -- 8 touchdowns, 9 interceptions and a sub-60% completion rate -- the Eagles were still in contention with a record of 1-4-1 in a down year for the NFC East.

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