White Sox Pitcher Michael Kopech Files for Divorce from 'Riverdale' Star Vanessa Morgan

By 670 The Score

White Sox right-hander Michael Kopech has filed for divorce from his wife, actress Vanessa Morgan, the Chicago Tribune reported Monday afternoon.

Kopech and Morgan, who stars on "Riverdale," were married this past winter. On Friday, Morgan announced she's due to give birth to a son. She made no mention of Kopech in her announcement.

The news came a few weeks after the White Sox announced the 24-year-old Kopech would be sitting out the 2020 season, which is being contested amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When asked on the Laurence Holmes Show last Friday how Kopech is doing, White Sox general manager Rick Hahn responded "good" and expressed full support for Kopech.

"The real world is still out there," Hahn said. "The real world obviously still has got a ton of issues going on right now. And when any individual is affected by that, I get it. We all get it. Jerry (Reinsdorf) gets it. Kenny (Williams) gets it. And we are here, from the front office through the clubhouse, to support one of our teammates with whatever they need, to deal with the world at large. I get it, man. It's easy to lose sight of that fact that you're dealing with human beings. You expect them to almost be above it all or superheroes in some way, but that's not reality. To support someone who is affected by the outside world, especially these days, it's an easy choice."

Kopech hasn't pitched in an MLB regular-season game since Sept. 5, 2018, after which he underwent Tommy John surgery. He missed all of 2019 while rehabbing.