Owner Of Hott Leggz In Fort Lauderdale Removes Money From Walls

hott leggz
By KISS Country 99.9


The owner of Hott Leggz in Fort Lauderdale had thousands of dollar bills stapled to their walls and ceiling.  For YEARS their customers wrote personal messages on dollar bills.

Ky Novak... who is the co-owner of Hott Leggz said..."It’s important for us to take care of our employees,” . “At the end of the day, it’s not life-changing money, but it can get them through the next week or two.”

Well Done Hott Leggz!  When we are out of this mess... i will certainly go visit and put a dollar on your wall!  - Darlene Evans

Thanks for the story Sun Sentinel!

fyi... i hear their chicken wings are sooo good!   : )  #stayconnected