Classic Rock Almanac February 18, 2021

Classic Rock Almanac


1966-Beach Boy Brian Wilson recorded the future classic song 'Good Vibrations', which went on to become the band's third US number-one hit.

1990-Freddie Mercury made his final public appearance on stage when he joined the rest of Queen to collect the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music.

1995-American guitarist Bob Stinson from The Replacements died.

2000-An American court ordered the release of FBI files relating to John Lennon's interests and activities.


1933-Yoko Ono
artist, singer, poet, author and peace activist and wife of John Lennon.

1947-Dennis Deyoung
vocals, keyboards, Styx

1948-Keith Knudsen
drummer, vocalist, and songwriter best known as a drummer and vocalist for The Doobie Brothers. died February 8, 2005

1953-Robbie Bachman
Bachman Turner Overdrive