Should the NFL Do This More Often?

People seemed to enjoy it!

On Sunday, Nickelodeon did something it had never done before- it aired an NFL game. And not just any NFL game- a playoff game.

While the Bears/Saints game aired on CBS, Nick aired its own version of the game at the same time- complete with Nick characters, Nick references, and (of course), slime. And it seemed like adults (like me) were loving it.

And it seems like people wants to see this from Nickelodeon more often, but with other sports!

Honestly, airing more games on Nickelodeon could be a really great way to get kids interested in sports at a young age. The Bears/Saints game was a lot of fun to watch! And I loved when they brought Young Sheldon in to explain the penalties. Though Young Sheldon wouldn't be my first choice, I definitely think they're on to something over at Nick.

Nickelodeon always promotes that Worldwide Day of Play, an event that encourages kids to go outside and play. So if Nick wants to continue to encourage kids to play, why not start airing professional sports and build on the idea of play?

Plus, the adults loved it too! It gave us a reason to feel like a kid again.