Totally ‘80s Year by Year Highlights from 98.1 WOGL

BLOCK PARTY: Totally ‘80s Year by Year Highlights from 98.1 WOGL
By 98.1 WOGL

All Memorial Day Weekend long, we’re playing BLOCKS of music from every year of the '80s! It's the 


The 80’s - Just some highlights (From Marilyn Russell)


Phillies WIN the world series…beating Kansas City 4-2, with the help of stars like MVP Mike Schmidt, Pitcher Steve Carlton and one of a kind Tug McGraw.

We suffer the unfortunate loss of John Lennon.

Pacman is the video game.

We got Post-It Notes and The Empire Strikes Back (Star Wars Episode V), Dallas and Rubik’s Cube.

We couldn’t get enough of Abba, the Police and David Bowie.



The Launch of MTV.

The Royal Wedding (the entire world watches)

It’s the first year, we hear the word “Internet” and DOS is released by Microsoft. We also hear John McEnroe yelling feverishly at umpires…including “You Can’t Be Serious” at Wimbledon.

Raiders of the Lost Ark changes our lives in ways we can’t explain and we can’t get enough of Adam & the Ants, Bowie and Queen.



Both Epcot and Graceland open.

MJ gives us Thriller, ET Phones Home, Rocky 3 is released.

Time Magazine declares The Computer Man of the Year.

The Who & The Clash perform at JFK that summer with the Clash! One of the BEST Rock shows ever in Philly.



Michael Jackson and The Police dominate the charts.

We say goodbye to the TV Series “Mash.”

We buy a Swatch in every color. How many colors did you buy?

McDonald’s introduces the Nugget. How many have you eaten since '83?

Movies are dare I say are totally awesome: Valley Girl (Nick Cage yes)

Flashdance, War Games, Trading Spaces (filmed in Philly)

Risky Business 

TV - families gather to watch the A-Team weekly.

In Philly in 1983, every new wave band plays at either Ripley (on South Street) Chestnut Cabaret, London Victory Club or Empire Rock club in Northeast Philly…there was still a Spectrum, movie theaters were everywhere downtown and The Sixers win the NBA Championship cause Moses Malone.



First year for MTV Music Awards (you probably remember Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”).

Prince gave us “When Doves Cry.”

Apple presents their Mac Computer in the now legendary 1984 Ad.

Wendy’s asks “Where’s the Beef?” 

Movies: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Karate Kid, Footloose, Ghostbusters

TV - Popular shows were Cheers/Family Ties/Knight Rider and The A-Team.

Saturday morning meant “Superfriends,” “Transformers,” and “Fraggle Rock!” 

Toys:  Cabbage Patch Kids are a phenom, also GI Joe and Masters of the Universe Action Figures.



Live Aid - Biggest collaborative concert we’d ever seen, in Philly at JFK and in London at Wembley Stadium.

July 13th, 1985 Performers in Philly included Tina Turner, Hall & Oates, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, CSN&Y, Bob Dylan and Phil Collins. As legend has it, Phil Collins played both Philly & London flying by Concorde to make it in time for Philly show and the ill-fated Zeppelin reunion. Jack Nicholson was one of the Philly Hosts. The show raised money for famine relief in Africa.

Coke launched “New Coke” and everyone hated it…

Michael Jordon was Chicago Bulls “Rookie of the Year!” The rest of course is history.

The Hooters have a big hit with “When We Danced.”

VH1 Launches.

We Are the World features everyone.

Michael Jackson buys the publishing rights for most of the Beatles Music.

And PMRC is formed to censor rock music.

And talk about a weird mish-mash of New Year’s Rockin Eve - performers include the Four Tops, The Judds, Barry Manilow, Tears for Fears, TheMotels and The Temptations…



Oprah! Need we say more :-)

Smoking is banned on all public transportation (planes/trains).

Awesome movies include: Top Gun, Star Trek IV the Voyage Home, Aliens and The Money Pit

On TV we’re watching Dynasty, A-Team, Growing Pains and on the charts is all MJ, Robert Palmer, Lionel Ritchie and Whitney gives us “The Greatest Love of All!”

Mike Tyson becomes the youngest heavyweight champion in history and Pan Am Flight 73 is hi-jacked.



Red Bull changes our lives…yes we can now stay up all night long with Lionel Ritchie.

Even better - “The Simpsons” make their debut.

Big movies included “Fatal Attraction” “Wall Street” and “Dirty Dancing.” 

Stock Market crash known as Black Monday happened October 19th

U2 gave us “Joshua Tree.” Heart gave us “Alone” MJ “Bad” and Whitney had a huge year with touring and “Wanna Dance With Somebody.”



First transatlantic fiber optic cable is laid.

First internet virus.

Stephen Hawkings writes “A Brief History of Time!” 

A movie ticket will set you back $3.50.

Big Movies - Big/Rain Man/Twins/DieHard/Dead Poets Society and Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Big Shows on TV “Roseanne” and “The Wonder Years.”

George W is President.

Sony Bono becomes Mayor of Palm Springs.

George Michael became our “Father Figure.”

Rick Astley is “Never Gonna Give you Up.”

And Bobby McFerrin just wants us to “Don’t Worry/Be Happy.” 



Michael Jackson is named “King of Pop.”

The most famous fictional character is Batman. Michael Keaton is “Batman”

Madonna upsets the Catholic Church with “Like A Prayer.”

Bon Jovi married his high school sweetheart.

The Bangles broke up but left us with an "Eternal Flame!"

And Taylor Swift was born (she even titled one of her albums “1989”) 

The Berlin Wall comes down.

Movies: Driving Miss Daisy/Field of Dreams/When Harry Met Sally

Drug Free America gives us “This is Your Brain/This is Your Brain on Drugs!” 

We meet the Energizer Bunny and become addicted to Tetris.


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