Remarkable Women: Bridget Foy, Adrianna Acosta & Mina Shokoufandeh

Remarkable Women (2/16/21)
The Foy Family

The Foy Family are a staple of the Philadelphia restaurant scene and after having gone through a devastating fire that burned Bridget's Foy's to the ground...they're back!!! The fire, the pandemic, many hurdles to jump - no matter, Bridget's tenacity is fierce...after all she was raised in the restaurant business and knows it inside out. Tune in to hear what's new, what's delicious and what a family affair this truly is! Just in time for Valentine's Day Brunch, or brunch on any given Sunday, welcome back Bridget Foys!

Adrianna Acosta

Of course we've got to share a story of the heart on Valentines Day, so meet the beautiful Adrianna Acosta. Born with congenital heart disease that went undiagnosed for months, Adrianna's Mom kept insisting something wasn't right with her 2nd baby. Talk about tenacity...thanks to her Mom advocating for her, Adrianna had the necessary surgery and loves to share her story, especially during heart month. Mom's - this one is for you...a true love story between Mother and Daughter.


And finally, my third guest on the show proves, the future looks very ​bright! Meet Mina Shokouyfandel, Tufts University Student, (New Hope Resident) and Co-Founder of "Girls Code the World," a 501C3 who's mission is to provide opportunities for girls to explore their love of STEM through education programs and prolonged mentorships. If you're a middle-school teacher you definitely want to connect with Mina (or her co-founder Sydney) at

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