Dress Code Expands On Carnival Cruise Line

Cruise Ship
Photo credit Getty Images/Elias
By 104.3 WOMC Detroit

Be careful what you wear on a cruise ship, especially Carnival. They announced that passengers should be careful about what they wear.

"Similar to other forms of travel on land and by air, cruise lines have a wide range of policies put in place to create a welcoming and inclusive environment onboard their fleet of ships. Those policies cover everything from dress codes to alcohol consumption and give cruise lines the authority to enforce the policies however they deem necessary."

They became more specific in their code to help end passengers wearing offensive clothes, including the wording on them. Think your FCUK shirt is hilarious? May want to keep it for bedtime.

How do people feel about the restrictions? Response has been positive, "Well, I for one, hope their new policy is effective. I cringed every time I saw someone with a profanity bearing tshirt. It'll be hard to enforce though."  Others not, "That policy is way too broad and vague. Offensive??? People today are too easily offended. Some may be offended by a t-shirt with a Christian cross or a Star of David on it. Or a MAGA hat."  More here