This is one way to transport a snowmobile!

snowmobile tracks
By 104.3 WOMC Detroit

Brilliant or ridiculously stupid?

Strapping really heavy things to the top of small cars isn't the brightest move.

Last week videos and photos were posted to Facebook that showed a man traveling with a snowmobile strapped to the top of his car.

Tommy Mecher said, "I only burned $10 more in gas on a 430-mile trip. I put [the snowmobile] on the roof in Lemont, Illinois, where the snowmobile was and drove it up to Bessemer, Michigan." He expressed that he didn't want to spend the money on a trailer to transport just one snowmobile. He added that it took about an hour to get the snowmobile on top of his car-- he used a tractor with a bucket to do so. He also says he modified the end of the snowmobile to keep the machine's track from caving in the roof or breaking the rear window of the car.