Listen: Angela Alsobrooks Shares PG County Resources In Response To Coronavirus


Prince George's County Executive Angela Alsobrooks chatted with the Joe Clair Morning Show and delivered some updates on the county's response to the coronavirus.

"This is a really difficult time for so many families so we're doing a number of things," Alsobrooks said.

For families who may have anyone who may be feeling under the weather or experiencing symptoms, she suggested they should contact their physicians.

"Only physician can give a prescription to get testing done," she said.

She also suggested that people utililize the coronavirus hotline, which is (301) 883 - 6627.

As cases pop up throughout the county, Alsobrooks encouraged residents to be vigilant.

"We're seeing a rise and a concern we have is that we will continue to see that rise until people begin to social distance," she said encouraging people to stay home. "This is the time when we're really trying to flatten the curve and the only way to do that is to create distance."

Resources have been put in place for those who are out of work and in need of food during this time.

"We're delivering meals to our seniors. Seniors who are part of our senior nutrition program we're delivering a box of seven meals to their home. We're doing that through the department of public works and transportation. We also have 25 different stations set up for our children who recieved meals in school and so we just continue to feed those children through the 25 feeding stations spread throughout the county. The other thing is that we're hosting through the capital area food bank, food pop-ups across the county," Alsobrooks said.

"We're continuing also to work with congressman Brown and small business owners  who are feeling the pain right now and continue to try to get that money out through the federal government to those who need it."

Listen to the full interview above.

To access more information about what is being done across the county in response to the coronavirus you can visit the Prince George's County website.

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