CROWN Act Makes It Illegal To Discriminate Based On Hair In Montgomery County

It is now illegal to discriminate based on hair in Montgomery County.
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Fros, twists, braids and hair in every natural state can now be appropriately celebrated in Montgomery County.

The county recently signed the CROWN Act into law, which prohibits discrimination based on certain protective hairstyles.

The law was enacted in November of 2019, but became effective -- enforcable-- on Feburary 6, 2020.

CROWN stands for Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair and will allow "individuals who are discriminated against because of the appearance of their natural hair [to] seek a civil penalty of up to $5,000 through the County’s Office of Human Rights," according to a news release.

Montgomery County is also the first local jurisdiction to introduce the legislation.

“This bill is another step forward for advancing racial equity in Montgomery County,” said Montgomery County Council President Nancy Navarro. "Employees should not have to fear retaliation for simply choosing a hairstyle.  As a mother of two amazing Afro-Latina daughters, I know the struggles of a society that puts arbitrary constraints on one of the most personal expressions of culture and ethnicity—a person’s hairstyle. Montgomery County is a welcoming, diverse community, and our structures must be updated to better reflect who we are as a County.”

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