Watch DJ Flexx help a pair win on 'Ellen's Game of Games’

Ellen DeGeneres
Photo credit Getty Images

Last night marked the return of Ellen’s Game of Games, premiering with two back-to-back episodes of the whacky game-filled show.

Besides the usual comical moments we’ve come to expect from host Ellen DeGeneres, one moment in particular stood out to us as our favorite. One of our own, DJ Flexx, got a shoutout in the most unexpected of ways during a game of Danger Word.

For those unfamiliar, here are the rules: played with two teams of two. One person on each team is shown a "winning word"; they alternate giving one-word clues to their partners. A team earns a strike (and a spray from a cannon) if the opposing team guesses correctly or if they guess a "danger word" related to the winning word. The team is also assessed a strike if the clue-giver gives an illegal clue (such as a two-word clue, or giving any form of either word to the receiver. A team with three strikes is eliminated, and one member of the winning team advances.

Okay, back to our point, when mother and son team Tyria and Dave-O received Flex as a winning word, the Alexandria, Virginia native blurted out  the clue “DJ.” With Tyira sitting in the hot seat, it took her all of 5 seconds to respond with “Flexx!”

The whole thing was quite exciting to watch, and even shocked Ellen who asked “I have to assume that’s someone you know.” Dave-O quickly let her know, “DJ Flexx back home.” While most sitting at home would have probably guessed Khaled, those in the DMV needed no explanation. Never underestimate the power of a good DJ, it might just save you from getting slimed in the face.

Check out the incredible moment below.