Fox Announcer Joe Buck Calls Play-by-Play Around the House During Coronavirus Quarantine


Few broadcasters in sports history have accomplished what Joe Buck has. His titles include published author, play-by-by announcer for the World Series and U.S. Open, veteran of six Super Bowls and voice of … whatever this is.

We’ve seen how athletes are staying sharp during the current coronavirus-induced sports hiatus—NBA All-Star Trae Young has been knocking down sock jumpers while Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman has taken to smashing goliath blasts in the backyard (his son Charlie served this one up). But what about broadcasters? Turns out, the Fox announcer is just as stir-crazy as the rest of us.

Buck has called some of the most iconic sports moments of all-time—Mark McGwire’s record-breaking 62nd home run, New England’s memorable comeback in Super Bowl LI, Stefon Diggs’ earth-shattering Minneapolis Miracle and the final out of the Cubs’ first World Series in over a century just to name a handful. However, his latest assignment was much lower stakes with Buck calling play-by-play of a “negotiation” between his one-year-old son and wife Michelle Beisner, a reporter for ESPN, on Day 7 of the family’s quarantine.

After choosing Blippi over Blue’s Clues to watch on TV, Buck’s son went rogue by committing an inexplicable foul (a Flagrant 1 at minimum), knocking mom to the floor. She sold it like a champ too, milking the foul with a Harden-esque flop. Things could have escalated from there (would a bench-clearing brawl ensue?) but instead Buck’s youngest saw the error of his ways, embracing Beisner in an apologetic, tear-filled hug.

What a roller-coaster of emotions and Buck says there’s plenty more where that came from. The broadcasting legend encouraged his 235,000 Twitter followers to pass along more videos of everyday events with one caveat—in exchange for calling the action and posting it on his social feed, Buck wants everyone to pitch in by donating to a cause of their choice. The 50-year-old announcer is pledging his donations to St. Louis Community Fund to help benefit those in need during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Who knew Joe Buck calling his toddler a “half-assed Fred Flinstone” would be the sports highlight we all needed?

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