Ja Rule's Commercial for a Greek Resturant Is What 2020 Deserves

So good 'you'll want to lick your fingers'

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, Ja Rule popped back up out of obscurity to make sure that wouldn’t be the case.

Over the weekend, you may have noticed that Ja Rule’s name was trending on Twitter. And while this isn’t the first time the rapper has made it into the trending topics column, this time, it had nothing to do with the travesty that was Fyre Fest and everything to do with greek food. Confused? Yeah… so were we.

So here’s the deal, Ja Rule starred in a commercial for Papa Cristo’s, a popular Greek restaurant in Los Angeles. The low budget production and Ja’s imaginative pronunciation of the menu items are just some of the reasons this hot mess express has us weak.

Among the words Ja fails to pronounce are “gyros,” which he exclaims are so good “you’ll want to lick your fingers” (as he acts it out), “tzatziki” (a dip made of yogurt), “oktapodakia” (grilled baby octopus), and “avglolemono (egg and lemon) soup.”

Despite his shortcoming with mispronunciation, Ja gave off positive vibes and was super hype over some greek delicacies, even teasing himself for being unable to pronounce the food names, “’cause it’s so damn good.” The restaurant’s namesake Papa Cristo also made an appearance, with the use of face swap that turned him into into a DJ at a crowded club.

The entire commercial is borderline insane but also hilarious and kind of endearing. As it turns out, the reason Ja appeared in the ad was as part of a new TBS show, Celebrity Show-Off,  in order to to help out the small business struggling from COVID-19 closure.

Ugh, really Ja? All this good doing really throws a wrench in our shade throwing sesh. Kidding of course, well kind of. To see more of Ja and Papa Cristo check out the premier episode of Celebrity Show-Off on TBS, June 23rd at 10PM ET.

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