Bruce Bowen: 'Jimmy Butler was Made for The Miami Heat'

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The Heat came up just short in game four of the Finals last night dropping to the Lakers 102-96.  The Heat got a boost from Bam Adebayo’s return but they were still without Goran Dragic who made every possible attempt to play last night.  Despite being shorthanded, Miami gave the Lakers everything they could handle, but it’s LA who now leads 3-1.

Bruce Bowen joined The Joe Rose Show this morning and offered up some of his thoughts on the run the Heat are on.  Bowen has been impressed by the play of the rookie Tyler Herro.  Bowen said, “I really have come to enjoy the competitive vibe that Tyler Herro plays with…He was blessed with a talent of understanding the game and being able to handle himself around older players.”

Jimmy Butler has left his mark on these Finals as well and Bowen like most has taken notice.  Bruce said “Let’s be honest now, Jimmy’s reputation coming in wasn’t the best…Jimmy has something to prove as well…when you take him out of that locker room in Philly with Embiid who doesn’t want to be held accountable…you put him in an environment where Riles is holding people accountable, it’s like Jimmy was made for the Miami Heat.  Jimmy brings to the game a lot of what Keith Askins brought to the game as far as hard work, I’m going to work my tail off and I don’t care who I’m going up against, that’s what you need in today’s game. ”


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