Salguero: Did The Dolphins Draft the Wrong Quarterback?

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Let the Tua Tagovailoa off-season debate begin!  The Miami Dolphins had a rough one in Buffalo yesterday which brought an overall successful season to a crashing end.  Certainly, a very disappointing way to go out in a game where a win would have put you into the playoffs.  Miami has tons of holes clearly but now there is a discussion about if the QB spot is one of those holes.  Did Tua show enough this season to pass up on taking another quarterback with the third pick in the draft?

Armando Salguero joined The Joe Rose Show Monday morning and offered up this take on Tua saying, “Let’s just call it how it is, right now, today it’s clear the Dolphins picked the wrong quarterback in the draft…does it mean now you discard Tua and now he’s a failure, I don’t think that’s what it means.  You have seen things done by him this year and mostly at Alabama that suggests he’s a good player and if you surround him with good players he will be a better player and do good players have bad games, yes he had one yesterday but that doesn’t mean the career has gone down the tubes.”

Armando also did go on to say that he wouldn’t have an issue with improving the QB as well.  You can listen to the entire conversation below…

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