You probably think that we are "Better Now"

Josh Rosen
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The Josh Rosen story. The big story here is that Josh Rosen is being shopped around. The guys give their thoughts as we await trading Josh Rosen from the Miami Dolphins.

It is thought and told that Tua Tagovailoa is healthy and ready to go while Ryan Fitzpatrick can either start or be the back up this upcoming season. Head Coach Brian Flores joined The Joe Rose Show yesterday morning and without giving much away we have our assumptions. But credit is due as Donno explains how Rosen has been handling this with a winning attitude, speaking very graciously about the opportunities he faced while on the team. 'He has not lived up to his reputation with his last team,' UCLA, where he made a comment and scared people on how he 'doesn't need football.'

As of now Rosen is our third quarterback, and if traded we want to see Josh Rosen have a nice career. 

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