Can you ace RADIO.COM Sports' 10-question Super Bowl quiz?


Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are squaring off in Super Bowl LV in what should be a game of epic proportions, worth every ounce of hype it is set to receive throughout the coming days.

After all, there's a ton of history here. Tom Brady has won the most Super Bowls, with six rings. He has also appeared in the most Super Bowls, getting a shot at the Lombardi Trophy a whopping ten times. Should he fall to Mahomes and the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, he'll have four Super Bowl losses, which is another record he would co-own with Bills Hall of Famer Jim Kelly (technically, Frank Reich also has four losses, though he was Kelly's backup). Most wins and most losses would kind of make Brady the Cy Young of Super Bowls, but that obviously remains to be seen. On the other hand, seven wins might be creeping into unbreakable record territory.

As for Mahomes, he became the youngest quarterback in league history to win the Super Bowl MVP award, doing so last year after an unforgettable postseason run. During that three-game stretch, Mahomes also led three double-digit comebacks, the first time a quarterback had ever done so in a postseason. He also joined Emmitt Smith as the only player to win an NFL MVP award and a Super Bowl before the age of 25.

But while we could have created a quiz solely involving Brady and Mahomes' incredible Super Bowl feats, we would have left out several other important figures in doing so, as well as other aspects of the big game that make it the grandiose event that it is. The following ten-question quiz features trivia about Super Bowl feats, commercials, halftime shows, announcers and more. See if you can get a perfect score!

And don't forget to take the three-question bonus quiz in the video at the top of this page!

All images in quiz retrieved from Getty Images. All statistics retrieved from Pro Football Reference.

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