Senior Bowl update with Dolphins writer Safid Deen

Dolphins writer joined Hoch and Crowder live from Mobile, AL
Brian Flores and Nick Saban at 2021 Senior Bowl
Brian Flores and Nick Saban at 2021 Senior Bowl Photo credit © Vasha Hunt | 2021 Jan 27

Safid Deen called into the Hoch and Crowder show on Wednesday while his eyes watched Brian Flores and Chris Grier chatting with Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban.

“This is what the Senior Bowl is all about,” says Deen, calling live from Mobile, Alabama, the site of the 2021 Reece’s Senior Bowl. “This is why the Dolphins came to coach one of the Senior Bowl teams … to get close to coaches like Nick Saban who runs the whole state of Alabama here and get to know players like Smith and Najee Harris.”

The Miami Dolphins own four of the top 50 picks in the NFL draft and according to Safid Deen, the team is “going to work” evalutating as many players as they possibly can and preparing for April 29th – Day 1 of the NFL Draft.

Listen to more from Safid Deen including specific players that have stood out to him in Mobile, plus what he is hearing about Deshaun Watson: