Fasano shreds Special Session

Connecticut State Capitol
Photo credit Dave Mager, WTIC News

On the eve of another Special Session of the Connecticut Assembly, with both chambers led by Democrats, state Republican leaders have something to say:

They would prefer no Special Session at all.

At a Monday afternoon news conference outside the State Capitol, Senate Minority Leader Len Fasano (R/North Haven) said Democrats are leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic to pursue "their agenda."

Items on the docket include a bill establishing new, performance-based regulation of utilities and guidelines allowing local elections officials to process (not count) absentee ballots before Election Day, for greater efficiency.

"This special session is the poster child of how one party rule is destroying the legislative process. Everything that's on this calendar... can be done either by executive order, or can wait," said Fasano.

Fasano laid out a number of grievances with the process leading up to the Special Session, which opens Tuesday morning,

"We don't know what those bills are actually going to say. Over the weekend, there have been conversations with others... certainly not (with) leadership from the minority State Senate, and why they don't want to have open dialogue is beyond my scope."

He adds, "God forbid that Republicans have a voice in the policies of the state."

WTIC has reached out to the governor's office for response to Sen. Fasano's comments. Last Friday, Gov. Lamont explained the need for the absentee ballot measure:

"I thought it was very important, given the fact that we've got a very high-profile election coming up. There's going to be 10, 20 times more absentee ballots than we've ever had before. I want to put everybody's mind at ease, to give the registrars all the flexibility they need to make sure they can count these votes on a timely and accurate basis."