Lamont Hits the "Pause" Button

Bars will stay closed in Connecticut, as Gov. Lamont has decided to delay "Phase Three" reopening.
Photo credit Dave Mager, WTIC News

As cases spike nationally, just 69 Connecticut patients are now hospitalized with COVID-19.

Hoping to keep his state in relatively good shape in the midst of a global pandemic that's hit the U.S. especially hard, Gov. Ned Lamont is choosing to delay "Phase Three" of reopening.

That means bars, already shuttered for almost four full months, will remain closed indefinitely.

Lamont cites recent events in Texas for his decision to keep the taps shut off: 

"As Gov. Greg Abbott (R/TX) said, 'I regret having opened the bars at all because they are so conducive to the infection.'"

On deciding when Phase Three will launch, Lamont added, "We'll be looking around the rest of the country, we'll be looking at our neighboring states to see if we reach a point where we think we can do it safely... I know how frustrating this can be, but right now, with this pandemic flaring up in a majority of other states, this is not the time to take a risk."