Hartford Officials Step Up Social Distancing Enforcement


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTIC Radio) - In an effort to enforce social distancing in the city, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin announced Friday new measures for city services and store health inspections.

Hartford City Hall will be closed to the public with the exception of two days for city clerk scheduled appointments, Bronin said. That includes the closure of the tax office, the registrar of voters' office, and the clerk's office except for those two days. 

City Hall services will still be available through other options. Bronin says services including paying taxes and submitting clerk office requests can be done online. Drop boxes will also be set up where residents can drop off payments or requests for staff members to pick up, Bronin said. He said staff members will follow up by phone, email or paper mail.

Bronin said the closure will remain in place through the end of April.

According to Bronin, city health inspectors will be conducting in-person visits to retail, grocery and other stores that remain open to assess the compliance of social distancing requirements. He said they will be working with Hartford Police to enforce those directives.

If store owners have questions, Bronin said he invites them to contact the Hartford Police Department or the Health Department.

Also, building inspectors will be performing emergency inspections only when it comes to occupied residential properties, Bronin said. Inspectors will continue to perform inspections on large construction projects and in-person inspections for emergency situations. He said they will also try their best to work with individuals to do inspections remotely.

"We are going to do our part locally to make sure that the directives that Governor [Ned] Lamont is putting in place are enforced, are honored, are respected, and there will be consequences for those who choose to ignore those," Bronin said.