Tong on RBG: "It Will Be Impossible to Fill That Void"

The Connecticut legal and political communities react to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was 87.

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong, in an interview with WTIC:

"Her loss is devastating, and it will be impossible to fill that void in our country. In the legal communitity, there are people that... what you need in the law is people that push the envelope. They're not content with the way that the law is. They push to make the law what it should be. She did that, of course, in the civil rights area, but in terms of ensuring liberty and opportunity for people all across our country."

Gov. Ned Lamont (D), who ordered U.S. and state flags in Connecticut lowered to half-staff:

“Tonight, the nation mourns the unimaginable loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – a fierce and fiery champion for fairness and equality for all. Shattering the glass ceiling in the legal world, Justice Ginsburg overcame adversity both in and out of the courtroom – battling gender discrimination at a time when women were rarely serving as lawyers. She also fought cancer with rigor, rarely missing any days in court. A giant inspiration and pioneer for women globally, Justice Ginsburg should not just be remembered for what she stood for but what she stood against. Our nation is greater for her tenacity, dissension, and adversity against injustice. As Justice Ginsburg put it best, ‘there will be enough women on the court when there are nine.’”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D):

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a giant. The world is a different place because of her. More than the laws she forged are the lives she touched. She was soft-spoken and slight in stature, but packed a mighty punch. She will always be a uniquely American icon – breaking barriers with courage and conviction, and letting nothing stop her from the classroom to the courtroom.”

Sen. Chris Murphy (D):

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg changed her nation for the better. Fairness and justice, especially for those with the least access to power, were her north stars. She was a pioneer for women in the law, and a cultural icon on top of it all. The people of Connecticut mourn for her tonight."

Rep. John Larson (D/CT-1)

“The nation is in mourning tonight as we learn of the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Justice Ginsburg paved the way for millions of women and Americans who have faced discrimination and inequality. She never stopped fighting for equal rights for all. She will be remembered for her unparalleled courage, determination, and legal mind. She changed our nation for the better.”

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D/CT-3)

“Today, the world lost a force of nature, a firebrand. I am devasted by the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Our country will never be the same. Our world has lost a giant. Justice Ginsburg changed what it meant to be a woman in America. Long before she donned judicial robes, she knew women deserved a seat at every table and fought for equality with the weight of the world on her shoulders. In this dark time, I reflect on what our world would have looked like had Ruth Bader Ginsburg backed down from a fight. I wonder what women’s health care would look like and which freedoms would be missing. I wonder what universities would be accepting women and whether I would find a door with my name on it in the halls of Congress. Let us take this moment now to honor the brilliant, formidable woman that gave her entire life to the fight for equality. The road ahead seems dark, clouded by the unknown, but may we move forward with the tenacious commitment to justice exemplified by the life and legacy of the Notorious RBG. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, you will be sorely missed.”