Lay's Gets ‘New Sleek Look, Same Delicious Taste’ Makeover


The popular Lay’s potato chip is about to get a whole new look! According to CNN Business, this is the first time in 12 years that the company is changing the logo.

Lay’s said the change isn’t going to be drastic, but Lay’s wanted the packaging to feel more “modern and contemporary.”

You can see in the video on Twitter that the new logo’s font on the bag is much smaller with a design of radiating rings. The font on the bag is slightly different with a “y” that is cursive and a smaller “l” on the packaging. According to the senior director of design at Frito-Lay John Guerra, he said the photography has changed.

“The view of the chips is now shown from a “top-down” angle,” Guerra said. “[It’s] a homage to the rise of food photographers on social media,” he continued. According to Guerra, the redesign took about two years to complete.

It is an attempt to keep the brand significant in the era of social media.

“We wanted to convey with color photography, and a logo refresh that is Lay’s is a joyful and flavorful brand,” Guerra said.

Lay’s said it would first be launching its global redesign in the United States and Canada before reaching out to other countries across the world. The new logo will be on 115 Lay’s products.

On the company’s website, it said that the Lay’s brand had been around for more than 75 years across the country.