Congressman Larson expects COVID situation to improve by spring

Says residents need to follow CDC protocols.
Larson says  by continuing CDC guidelines, state  will be  better  off  by Easter
First District Congressman John Larson

(Hartford, Conn. - WTIC)-First District Congressman John Larson predicts the COVID-19 pandemic will improve by Easter.

He says as long as we follow the proper CDC guidelines, including mask-wearing, social distancing and hand washing.

In a wide-ranging interview on WTIC 1080, the veteran Democrat said President Trump "is coming around and deserves credit for Operation Warp Speed. Do not understimate the impact especially considering how long everyone else said it would take. Let's give a nod to Connecticut company Pfizer for being there first."

The Operation Warp Speed strategy is to produce 300-million doses of the vaccine by January. Larson says we have made sacrifices but he says let's not forget what the country experienced during World War Two with food and gas rationing.

Larson says the state will benefit with New Haven Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro as Chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee, adding that's a first for the state.

President-elect Biden, according to Larson, is "down to earth and easy to work with. His relationship with the Senate is institutional. He understands the work of that body and has made many relationships over time."

As for key issues, Larson says they're COVID, fixing the economic infrastructure, health care and addressing social security.