Chicago Bar Posts Rules Including 'No Cubs Fans;' 'No Trump Supporters'

cocktail glass on bar
Photo credit (Dreamstime)
By WWJ Newsradio 950

(WWJ) A new Chicago bar has posted some house rules -- a few of them raising eyebrows around town and the internet.

Reaction has been mixed. Instagram user skwelter1 was among those taking it lightly, commenting: "I mean, I’m a cubbie girl, but everything else on this list is hilarious and amazing. Good on ya."

Perhaps unsurprisingly some others aren't laughing. 

"Didn't a bunch of leftists go haywire over a baker in Colorado that refused business to a customer over religious beliefs? How is this ANY different," wrote shanekosmach7, while jim.tillotson chimed in: "Why don’t you ban white males while you’re at it?"

Other rules include, "No Shoes, No Teeth, No Service," and "Turn off your f-- phone." See the full list HERE.