Dutch Girl Donuts reopens and Charlie Langton rejoices [VIDEO]

By WWJ Newsradio 950

(WWJ) Everyone who knows Charlie Langton from WWJ and FOX 2 knows he loves a sweet treat.

That's why Langton was so elated to make this announcement: One of his favorite doughnut joints, and one favored by many across metro Detroit, reopened its doors early Wednesday.

Dutch Girl is back, baby.  

You could hear the glee in Langton's voice as he announced, "Dutch Girl Donuts on Woodward is open! One my favorite places around metro Detroit, certainly in Detroit, Dutch Girl Donuts finally open... The doughnuts are still really good." 

Langton regularly treats newsroom pals to a box of Dutch Girl doughnuts he picked up on his morning news rounds so his enjoyment of them is well-known. But as businesses struggle in the pandemic, some said they were worried Dutch Girl was closed for good. It shuttered at the height of the local COVID-19 crisis in March.

The return of the 73-year-old shop was good news to all.

Metro Times reported it was founded by John Timmer and wife, Cecelia -- aka the Dutch Girl -- in 1947. The cash rang up $100 by the end of their second day in business, back when a dozen doughnuts cost .40 cents.  

The price has changed, they're up to $9 a dozen now, but the shop known for its old-fashioned doughnuts in every variety -- nothing trendy or splashy -- has stayed the same. The honest-to-God deliciousness has earned them 4.5 stars on yelp.

When they announced on Facebook in July they were going to reopen soon, hundreds of metro Detroiters reacted.

"I ride past daily, but safety is the most important thing," Cougar McIntyre wrote. "But boy oh boy, do I need a double chocolate donut."

John James went even farther, going ride-or-die and announcing it was Dutch Girl or nothing for his family. He wrote on Facebook, "Thank you for being careful and keeping yourselves and your customers safe. My partner and I haven't had a single donut since the pandemic started and we decided we won't until you open again so we'll be there for sure."