Detroiters Called To Help Detroit, Oregon Rebuild After Wildfires By Donating Five Dollars

By WWJ Newsradio 950

(WWJ) All of us here in Detroit and the metro area have an opportunity to help our sister city, Detroit, Oregon; devastated by the wildfires sweeping across the west.  

A local man, Lloyd O’Dell, saw how many people in Oregon “lost everything” in the flames and decided he needed to do something.

“I felt like we can’t help everyone…but we can help some,” O’Dell said live on WWJ.

He set up a GoFund Me. The premise: send a “high five,” or five dollars, to Detroit, Oregon. It all goes to the Red Cross in that area.

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“Here in the D,” the Go Fund Me reads, “We have grit, and heart. There’s a little town called Detroit, named after us—that has been decimated.”

Detroit, Oregon; a once beautiful town at the base of tree-lined mountains and on the shores of a blue lake, has a population of 224 people.

The Independent quoted the mayor of the town, saying the city is 95% destroyed.

A chilling video on New York Times' Twitter shows “children in pajamas” and stranded firefighters waiting to be rescued by air, only to learn the helicopters were unable to land.

“No one is coming,” the tweet states.

If everyone in the city of Detroit gave just five dollars, it would raise more than $3.3 million. If everyone in Metro Detroit donates that amount, that number becomes over $20 million.