Barbershops, Hair Salons May Have To Raise Prices To Compensate For COVID-19 Changes

By WWJ Newsradio 950

(WWJ) Hair salons and barbershops reopen on Monday across Metro Detroit, but doing it the old way is not going to cut it for now.  

Kristan Sayers, President and Founder of Michigan Association of Beauty Professionals, spoke live on WWJ—saying you will see some big changes when you step out to have your quarantine hair styled. 

She said her salon, K. Bella Hair Studio and Spa in Brighton, has put up barriers between stylists and restricted the number of people who can enter the building at the same time.

Those magazines you used to read while waiting will be gone too at K. Bella in an effort to eliminate touching possibly contaminated surfaces; according to Sayers.

She said she is eager to get back to business and her clients are eager to get rid of three months of hair growth.

“My salon has been very swamped with clients,” Sayers said live on WWJ.

She said stylists at her salon will be working from 8am to 9pm every day “to see as many people as possible.”

You can take a look at how other Metro Detroit salons are protecting clients below. 

But not everybody is ready to go back.

“I have run into a few salons that have had some clients say they’re just not comfortable yet,” Sayers said. “They’re thinking August.”

The most unwelcome surprise for clients, according to Sayers, could be the sticker shock.

Sayers said her salon had to raise prices.

“I think a lot of barbershops and salons are really going to struggle. We’re only seeing 30 to 50% than what we were seeing on average daily. We’re taking an extra 20 minutes between clients for proper cleaning,” Sayers told WWJ’s Mike Campbell.

Clients can expect to pay anywhere between an extra $5 to $30 for a haircut or color, according to Sayers. 

 She calls it a matter of survival for the businesses.

“I really hope salons out there know they need to raise their prices to stay successful,” Sayers said. “Because I worry about them in a year from now.”