Rapper’s Body Found In Kiddie Slide Outside Detroit Club, Protesters Say Business Used Tragic Discovery As Self-Promotion (VIDEO)

By WWJ Newsradio 950

(WWJ) Protesters pounded the pavement all week outside a club on Detroit’s northwest side, demanding justice for a rapper found dead in a treehouse kiddie slide.

The body of Julian Anderson, 40, who goes by Max Julian, was discovered inside the tube slide outside The Psychedelic Healing Shack, Art Space and Vegan Restaurant on Woodward near 7 Mile over the weekend.

A disturbing video; where a man’s voice promotes the club’s upcoming events while paramedics removed Julian’s body; sparked outrage.

“Something is always happening at The Psychedelic Shack. That boy is cold,” the man’s voice said. “And I don’t think he is coming back. And we got music tonight, music tonight with Judy Moon. Always something going on.”

The protesters say the man’s voice belongs to Dr. Robert Pizzimenti, AKA Dr. Bob, the owner of the club.

Local rapper Kent Brown, or Supa Emcee The Immortal, lead the protest.  

“Then he goes on in the video to promote a show. Where is the feeling for that?” Brown said. “We say we love Max. Where is the love at?”

Pizzimenti called filming the moment a "mistake." 

"The song, by The Temptations, goes 'something is always happening at the psychedelic shack.' So I changed it (the lyrics)... and I gave a laugh, not at the situation..." Pizzimenti said. 

Protesters say his video and choice of words was "deeply disrespectful." 

The hashtag, #Justice4Julian, and calls to boycott The Healing Shack are all over Brown’s Facebook page.

But there’s something about the whole situation that just isn’t sitting right with Brown and Julian's loved ones.

“How does a grown person fall into a tube slide made for a kid in such a tight space and not end up on the ground?” a post on Brown’s page reads. “How does a man’s body stay 12 hours on a business establishment where people are constantly coming back and forth all day, but nobody sees him?”

Pizzimenti told WWJ's Vickie Thomas he did see Julian in the slide that morning, but he thought he was sleeping. 

He kicked his legs to wake him up, but received no response. When Julian was still there around 6 p.m., Pizzimenti realized the situation was more serious than he originally thought. 

"I went to feel his body and it was cold," he said. 

Pizzimenti told WWJ he apologizes for making the video, and he is open to selling the building. 

Protesters painted the slide with messages of love for Julian: “RIP. Max. Will never forget. Max lives.”  The medical examiner said the manner of his death is yet to be determined, pending a toxicology report.