Elon Musk Demonstrates Chip Implant on Pig: 'It's Kind of Like a Fitbit in Your Brain'


Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk introduced pigs with computer chips in their brains in a webcast.

“It actually fits quite nicely under your skull. It could be under your hair and you wouldn’t know,” Musk said.

Musk, the entrepreneur, revealed the latest version of his company NeuraLink’s latest prototype, the Link VO.9. It is a chip that would allow humans to control devices with their brains, reported ABC News.

The founder of Space X said this could eventually help cure people with conditions like memory loss, hearing loss, paralysis, blindness, brain damage, depression, and anxiety.

Viewers who saw the webcast met a pig named Gertrude. The animal had a chip implanted in her brain two months ago. Musk showed everyone a graph showing waves inside the pig’s head, which worked when her brain communicated with her snout while eating.

“This is a healthy, happy pig,” Musk said. “Indistinguishable from a normal pig.”

The chip can read signals from all of the pig’s limbs.

In the past, NeuraLink revealed a device that sat behind the ear, which was visible from the outside. However, the Link VO.9 would simplify the device.

The coin-sized device is expected to go into the skull and would replace a piece of skull.

“It’s a lot more complicated than this, but a simplified version is it’s kind of like a Fitbit in your brain with tiny wires,” Musk said.

Link VO.9 would be able to connect to and communicate with a person’s smartphone.

The company is currently working toward human trials, which needs to be approved by the FDA. If you want a chip in your brain, it would involve an out-patient procedure done without general anesthesia.

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