Bernie Sanders' mittens, 'cozy' Inauguration Day outfit draws opinions and eyeballs [PHOTOS]

Bernie Sanders cozy election day look draws eyeballs
Photo credit Getty Images

One Twitter user nailed it with this: Bernie Sanders attended the inauguration of Joe Biden like it was one of the things he was doing today ... but not the only thing.

Sanders drew eyeballs with an exceptionally cozy look. He paired giant patterned mittens that were obviously handmade with a puffy olive drab coat made for the masses. Nothing bespoke to see here.

A photo is going viral of the esteemed senator from Vermont hugging himself close in all his outdoor gear. He was one step away from having a lift ticket around his neck.

"Big "I can't wait to get a coffee and a nice muffin when this is over" energy here," Brent Anderson tweeted. Nick George tweeted that Sanders was thinking, ""I'm missing my shows for this."

While the Bidens, Obamas, Clintons, Bushes and Kamala Harris were resplendent in obvious finery, Sanders stubborn refusal to don anything other than a jacket one could wear to the Tractor Supply Store was applauded by many. And laughed at by many others.

Some said his look was very "dad at the post office."

Like the other outfits at the event, Sanders' mittens sent a message, some said. They were made by a teacher in Vermont out of repurposed wool sweaters and lined with fleece made from recycled plastic bottles.

Whatever they were made from, one Twitter user described them with one word: Clutch. And he was sending his own message. While others had time to dither about wearing the perfect thing for a historic moment in time, Bernie had places to be ... and managers to call.