Detroit shelter seeks couch surfers to temporarily take dogs in need

Michigan shelter looking for couch potatoes to cuddle pooches
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We're all spending more time these days at home -- and on the couch -- as seven months of pandemic living continue indefinitely.

But what if you could use that couch time for good?

The Friends of Detroit Animal Care and Control is asking volunteers to pick up a pooch between 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Monday and ensconse them with you at home until Thursday. The quick home visit helps teach pets good manners, relaxes them, and best of all helps them get adopted, the shelter says.

Detroit animal shelter looks for couch surfers
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It's a four-day commitment for volunteers, and the shelter says it hopes to hold the event every week. SIGN UP HERE.

The plan is a win-win, couch cuddling time and companionship for humans and animals alike.

"Being out of the shelter helps the dogs to lower their cortisol levels and decompress, priming them for life with a new family!," shelter staff said.