WATCH: Kwame Kilpatrick strolls free from prison, greets his overjoyed family

Media reports say disgraced former Detroit Mayor was home in time for dinner with his family in Atlanta last night after a surprise sentence commutation from President Donald Trump 12 hours before he left the White House.

Kilpatrick's freedom was confirmed by the video above that shows Kilpatrick in khakis and a white T-shirt greeting family at the airport and hugging them tight.

"He's definitely out. He's home and with his family," Daniel Ferguson, Kilpatrick's former brother-in-law and longtime family friend told the Free Press. A Bureau of Prisons spokesman confirmed to the Associated Press that Kilpatrick was free.

Social media photos of Kilpatrick with family and friends show the formerly dapper mayor with a long gray beard -- and a big smile.

Nearly 300 people reacted to one of the first photos of a newly freed Kilpatrick, and almost all the comments were positive. "Welcome home," many Detroiters wrote.

Another photo shows a much thinner Kilpatrick in a jogging suit clutching his father.

Opinions on whether he should have been released early ran the gamut, with Mayor Mike Duggan saying it was time for him to be free and the federal attorney who prosecuted his case saying Kilpatrick was not remorseful and should stay behind bars. The opinions of average Detroiters were also mixed.

Kilpatrick was sentenced to 28 years behind bars, convicted in 2013 on 24 felony counts of public corruption for a criminal racket involving extortion, bribery, conspiracy and fraud. Prosecutors said he used his positions as a state representative and then mayor to enrich himself and his friends.

He was not expected to be paroled until at least January, 2037.

He served as mayor of Detroit from 2002 to 2008.