WATCH: Rudy Giuliani's hearing in Michigan gets so wild he 'shushes' his own witness

The moment has gone viral.
Rudy Giuliana shushed his own witness in a wild Michigan hearing
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Michigan state Rep. Steven Johnson seemed flummoxed when confronted by an angry, demanding and slurring Rudy Giuliani witness during a wild vote hearing in Lansing Wednesday night where President Trump's personal lawyer was attempting to prove election fraud.

Claiming that "dead people and illegals" voted and saying "that's my answer," when members of the state Oversight Committee tried to ask a follow-up question, she became an internet sensation ... many would say, and for all the wrong reasons.

Her name is Melissa Carone and she claimed she worked as a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, although as Daily Beast pointed out, she seemed to struggle when asked to describe her job. And then she stood by a claim that a group of 30,000 voters were counted multiple times, stymying legislators who tried to figure out the basis for what she was saying.

“We’re not seeing the poll book off by 30,000 votes,” Johnson said.

“What’d you guys do, take it and do something crazy to it?” Carone fired back.

“I’m just saying the numbers are not off by 30,000 votes,” Johnson replied.

“I’d say that poll book is off by over 100,000 [votes],” she said. "What'd you guys do, take it and do something crazy with it?"

Eventually, Giuliani leaned over and none too subtly "shushed" her. And then Twitter had its fun.

When her testimony came under fire, she had this to say, ""I have an affidavit! I am a mother, I have two children, I have two degrees. I don’t know any woman in the world that would write an affidavit under oath just to write it. You can go to prison for this!”

For his part, Giuliani refused to take an oath as did the other witnesses, something that didn't said well with state Rep. Darrin Camilleri, (D-Brownstown).

"This is not Four Seasons Landscaping, this is the Michigan State Legislature," Camilleri said, referencing what many considered a disaster of a presser that Giuliani held last month next to an adult bookstore.

The Michigan hearing ended after three hours of Giuliani-led testimony with his witnesses, and the head of the oversight committee said he couldn't see how anything would change. The ballots that gave Joe Biden a 150,000 vote victory in Michigan have been certified by the board of canvassers, lawsuits alleging fraud were tossed out of court for lack of evidence and Giuliani and crew have not submitted any evidence to the Michigan Attorney General to back up their allegations.