A Black officer in DC is being hailed a hero after the attack on the Capitol

As a dangerous mob of mostly white insurrectionists, carrying Confederate flags, and wearing clothing with anti-Semitic writing, stormed into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, a Black police officer held his ground, and had the presence of mind to direct the deadly group away from Senate chambers, where lawmakers were sheltering.

Identified by Washington Post reporters as Eugene Goodman, 40, of Maryland, it was a video by HuffPost reporter Igor Bobic, captured in the middle of the melee that has since gone viral.

The Capitol riot left five dead, including a Capitol Police officer, a protester shot by police and three who died of medical emergencies.

According to the Post, Goodman told a friend he is concerned now for his safety and fears being a target of far-right extremist groups following the video’s posting.

“He said he’d do the same thing again. He’s not looking for any accolades,” said his friend, a Capitol Police officer who asked not to be named because he had not been authorized to speak on the issue. “But the attention is a little scary for him.”

Goodman is an awarded serviceman.

“I’ve always said, if bullets start ripping through, I’m finding Goodman,” said his close friend, who asked the Post to simply identify him as Terry. “He’s been in hostile fire fights, so he knows how to keep his head.”