Andy Dick sues man that allegedly punched him in the French Quarter

Suit comes day after police drop charges against suspect

It’s just short of a year since an audience member at One Eyed Jack’s allegedly punched comedian Andy Dick after a performance. 

Since then details about what happened have come out:

That Dick allegedly grabbed David Hale’s genitals and winked at him after he approached Dick following his set. 

Upset, Hale is said to have punched Dick in fit of anger stemming from the incident earlier in the club.

Dick claims the punch caused permanent physical damage and disability. 

The New Orleans Police Department said Dick failed to cooperate with authorities in the investigation into the incident.  In response, the Orleans Parish District Attorney dropped the charges. 

Dick responded saying he wanted to cooperate, that the pain and fear of the incident made it tough for him act. 

Now he’s filed a lawsuit against David Hale, the man who allegedly socked Dick after the show. 

According to the Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate the Orleans Parish District Attorney is looking to reestablish their connection with Andy Dick and continue their pursuit of charges. 

Meanwhile, Dick’s lawsuit describes his own recollections of what happened the night of the incident. 

He claims Hale approached him and asked for a picture. 

Dick obliged, even going so far to put a hand on Hale’s stomach as he asked. 

As Dick was leaving the club, he claims Hale laid a haymaker punch on him that was so hard Dick lost consciousness and collapsed to the ground, hitting his head on sidewalk. 

Dick claims he stopped breathing when he hit the ground. 

Paramedics arrived and rushed Dick to a hospital with a brain bleed.   

Dick claims since the incident he’s been left too physically unable to work. 

He’s suing Hale over the alleged assault and One Eyed Jack’s for not providing security to protect him.