Street Crime: Two days, 16 robberies

Armed robbery weekend in New Orleans
Photo credit Getty Images - yacobchuk

The New Orleans Police Department reports there were 16 armed robberies over 48-hours from 7am Friday to 7am Sunday. 

Other robberies involved a knives and a baseball bat and personal attacks. 

One robbery, early Sunday morning, took place at a gas-station mini mart on the corner of Rampart and Governor Nichols when two men armed with a gun entered the Key’s Fuel Mart demanding money.  The store clerk wasn’t having it and chased the men with a metal folding chair.  The assailants fired three shots, missing the clerk, as they fled the scene. 

Early Saturday morning two men wearing ski masks approached a man who had parked his car near Joycelyn and Fields in Algiers.  The men shoved the victim to the ground and beat him with a baseball bat.  They then made off with a wallet and phone. 

Friday afternoon, a man with gun entered the Metro PCS store at a shopping center on Chef Menteur Highway between Hickerson and Luriline Streets.  The criminal made off with money from the cash register. 

Saturday morning a man was robbed by a man and woman pretending to be good Samaritans.  The victim had a flat tire.  A couple in a white Mercedes Benz SUV stopped to help.  When the man drove to an ATM near General Ogden and Olive Streets to get money to pay them he was jumped by the male Samaritan and his wallet was stolen by the female Samaritan.