Biden announces Cantrell endorsement

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The Joe Biden for President campaign has announced New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell endorsed Biden in the race for the presidency.

“As I have said to the people of New Orleans, we are at a pivotal moment in American history where systemic racism, structural inequality and a global pandemic have converged to challenge us in a way that is unprecedented," the news release quoted Cantrell. “More than ever before, we need a steady partner in the White House who can relate to our experiences."

The mayor says Biden is that person.

"He has been a friend to New Orleans and Louisiana time and time again.  As Vice President, he helped secure $3.3 billion to help our city and region recover from Hurricane Katrina."

Cantrell's statment expressed support for Biden's Build Back Better Agenda.

“While we know many challenges lie ahead, we also know that an obligation exists to reshape our world and build a new and better society that respects and uplifts all people, including the women and men who are the backbone of our country’s economy. She stressed that with years of impact ahead from the pandemic, Biden lays out a roadmap for a more equitable, inclusive, and resilient future.

"He knows that we cannot build back better without a strict effort to get our fair share across the American economy," Cantrell's statement read. “We have only three months left to change the course for America - so I hope you'll join me in doing everything you can to elect Joe Biden."

The news release makes no reference to President Trump.