Blood critically low at the Blood Center due to COVID-19 restrictions


There is a shortage of blood at the Blood Center because of COVID-19 restrictions. Now that restrictions on elected surgeries have been eased, the demand for blood has skyrocketed but the regional stockpile of donated blood is dangerously low because many Blood Centers are closed because of COVID-19.

“We are in a critical, critical situation right now,” said medical director of the Blood Center, Dr. Tim Peterson. “We still have restrictions on our mobile drives which we were able to set up, although that is easing a little bit, but we still have restrictions on which centers can open at this point.”

COVID-19 closed many schools and colleges where Dr. Peterson says were some of their biggest donors.

 “Colleges and High Schools have been closed for a while, that’s 25%  to 30% of our blood collection,” said Dr. Peterson.

Dr. Peterson donors who may have had coronavirus can still donate. The FDA recommends a donor must wait 28 days from the day they feel 100% better and have no symptoms before they can donate blood.

You can find out more about how to donate blood by visiting the Blood Center’s website at